About Us

Our Mission

ALON Wellness, founded in 2018, is committed to helping you find high-quality, natural hemp oil and cbd solutions to address pain, discomfort, anxiety and other adverse health conditions.

In recent years, consumers have successfully used CBD to address chronic pain, to dramatically reduce the number of epileptic seizures, to reduce symptoms related to cancer and side effects of cancer treatment, and to reduce anxiety.

The Story

CBD offerings are very personal to me, the founder of ALON Wellness. Years ago, I had a family member who fought Carcinoid cancer. She gave it a courageous fight. The only nausea and pain relief came from smoking marijuana. She had never smoked a day in her life – neither cigarettes nor marijuana. It warmed my heart to see her get relief through marijuana. I would have loved for her to have had access to CBD back then.

As you may know, CBD is from the same Cannabis sativa plant species as marijuana except it doesn’t have THC, the ingredient that makes you feel high. I know how CBD can help people improve their quality of life and I’m glad to be able to bring ALON Wellness premium CBD products to consumers today.

The Solution

We are excited to introduce premium CBD products to those needing natural wellness solutions. CBD, also known as “Cannabidiol”, is a chemical compound in hemp with a variety of uses and benefits.

You have many options available with ALON Wellness premium CBD products. ALON Wellness hemp-derived CBD products are manufactured in a cGMP certified plant. You can trust that our premium CBD products meet the stringent Federal guidelines.